Kunz-Carbajal House, Phoenix

Kunz-Carbajal House (before renovation)

The Arizona Preservation Foundation is the current owner and steward of the 1904 Kunz-Carbajal House at 1721 South Seventh Avenue in Phoenix. For years and years, everyone referred to it as the Montgomery House. But guess what? Settler John Britt Montgomery did not build the house, did not own the house, and never lived in the house. We learned that tidbit and many more in a survey we commissioned several years ago. You are welcome to download and read the history here.

The history of the building and of the families who resided there is fascinating, but for years the Kunz-Carbajal House sat empty. It was about to be demolished in the early 1990s when the owner, at the request of the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office, deeded the property to our organization.

Kunz-Carbajal House (after renovation)

With the excellent work of Swan Architects; D.L. Norton General Contracting; Desert Viking Companies; and Slaysman Engineering, the Kunz-Carbajal House has been stabilized, the adobe repaired, the rotted roof replaced, and the non-historic rear additions removed.

Today begins a new chapter in its history as the Foundation has placed the property up for sale to a buyer who will renovate the interior to meet their individual needs, landscape the surrounding grounds, and adhere to the historic easements from the city and state. Doing so will ensure the building’s preservation and help in the continued revitalization of the neighborhood in which it is situated. We are pleased to report that an agreement has been signed with an interested buyer. Details to follow!

Rendering of what the 1904 Kunz-Carbajal House could look like in the future (courtesy Mark Vinson).

KPHO Channel 5 reported on the recent City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission selection of 79 local historic properties to receive plaques. One of the 79 is the Kunz-Carbajal House. Arizona Preservation Foundation board president was interviewed about the building’s history and film documents its exterior renovation. View the full segment below.