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Prescott Capital Needs Committee conducts first meeting

[Source: Cindy Barks, Daily Courier] — From non-profit leaders to former City Council members to small business owners to retirees, the new committee responsible for looking into a possible city bond issue has plenty of diversity. The group, which the city initially tagged the Blue Ribbon Committee, conducted its inaugural meeting Wednesday afternoon at Prescott City Hall. And before the hour-long kick-off meeting ended, the group had not only chosen a chairman, vice chairman and secretary, but had also changed its name and its meeting location.

At 21 members, the group is relatively large, and members were conscious of that when they pushed for a chairman that would keep meetings moving along briskly. Ultimately, members chose United Way Executive Director Tammy Linn to chair the meetings. Bob Weiss of Yavapai Title will serve as vice chairman, while long-time Prescottonian and preservation advocate Elisabeth Ruffner will serve as secretary. The three group leaders were among the appointments that the seven Prescott City Council members made to the committee. After their January goal-setting retreat, council members agreed to form the committee to look into a possible November election for a bond issue to pay for a host of necessary city projects. Each council member made three appointments to the committee, bringing the total to 21. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]