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"Arizona Then and Now" photography collection published

[Source: KAET] — For his landmark book, “Arizona Then and Now,” photographer Allen Dutton traveled across the state to recapture archival images from their exact original location. Watch as early century images transform into contemporary photography. Click here to view some of Allen’s photographs. Roll your cursor over the THEN image to reveal the exact location as it is NOW. [Photo source: Allen Dutton. Pictured: Clifton in 2008.]

Contemporary American architecture focus of Arizona photographer, William Fuller

The Temple Gallery, managed by Etherton Gallery, announces the first solo Tucson exhibition of Payson, Arizona photographer, William Fuller in “William Fuller: Photographs,” continuing through February 27, at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson.

Fuller’s modernist sensibility is highlighted in this exhibition of his spare, abstract, black and white photographs of contemporary American architecture. Although the city is his subject, Fuller is not an architectural photographer. He is interested neither in documenting buildings nor using the city as a backdrop for other ideas. In photographs taken in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and Miami, Fuller sees the ubiquitous office building, banal condominium, even a Mormon Temple, as pure, abstract form, rendering them beautiful and even edgy in our eyes. Fuller envisions the city as a formal composition, and this is the key to his working method.
Fuller’s work is included in the permanent collections of The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona in Tucson; the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; and the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.