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Organ Pipe archaeology job announcement

The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is recruiting for an archaeologist at Organ Pipe in Ajo, Arizona.

Major duties:
The incumbent serves as the cultural resource (CR) program manager for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (ORPI) under the vanishing treasures program. The CR program manager is responsible for conducting site assessments, systematic site condition monitoring, National Register evaluations, field inspections, and data collection and analyses for specific historic structures at ORPI. The incumbent records and evaluates site condition, including architectural stability and nature and extent of environmental and human impacts, threats and disturbances. Independently researches and collects site preservation records and compiles them into site preservation history reports. Incorporates monitoring and ruins preservation field data into original, professional quality final reports.

Monitors construction or other ground disturbing activities to ensure protection and preservation of cultural resources. The incumbent serves as ORPI’s cultural resource technical expert for compliance with pertinent federal laws and policies. Also conducts site surveys, prepares compliance reports and memoranda, and assists in consultations with Native American tribes and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Through government to government relationships, the incumbent will consult with tribes on cultural issues that affect the tribe’s connection with ORPI, including identifying traditional cultural places, and researching the tribe’s ethnographic ties to the area. The incumbent will also work with the natural resources, maintenance and interpretation divisions to help maintain and preserve monument resources and improve visitors’ appreciation for cultural resources of ORPI. Incumbent will be supervised by the Chief of Science, Cultural and Resource Management.

Area information:
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is located in the Sonoran desert in southwestern Arizona. Headquarters is 34 miles south of Ajo, Arizona and 5 miles north of the Mexican border. This dramatic desert park is a spectacular assortment of mountains, canyons, cactus forests, hidden tinajas, incredible sunsets and sunrises. Organ Pipe is a winter paradise and surprisingly very lush and green. Daytime temperatures range from as high as 110+ degrees in the summer to 60-70 degrees in the winter. Grade school through high school, medical clinic, house rentals, churches and limited shopping are located in Ajo. There is very affordable housing available in Ajo and the town of Why. The general population is approximately 2500 people. Full service facilities and shopping are available in Phoenix or Tucson, approximately 150 miles from the Monument. The staff of this park will warm your heart as much as the sunsets!

Salary range: 45,040.00 – 70,843.00
Closing date: May 28, 2008
Series & grade: GS-0193-09/11
Position information: Full-Time, permanent

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