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Snowflake considers library issues

[Source: Donna Rescorla, The Independent] — With Mayor Kelly Willis proclaiming April 13-19 National Library Week in Snowflake, it seemed only fitting that several other library related items were brought up at the April 8 meeting of Taylor Town Council. Town Librarian Cathie McDowell appeared before the council asking them to approve a resolution authorizing an application for a State Historic Preservation Grant to be used toward the renovation of the Snowflake Academy Building for use as the town library. She said they have the opportunity to use the grant because they already have matching funds.

“We can apply for up to $150,000 and we’re going for the maximum,” she said. “We have the $80,000 from the (Community Block Development Grant) grant we are receiving from the county. We also have the CDBG grant from the town.” She reported the State Historic Preservation Office has already confirmed that CDBG funds as well as their State Library grant can used for the match. “Winning this grant would help move this ambitious and important project forward,” she stated. The Snowflake Academy was also brought up by David Flake in call to the public. He thanked the council and the community for their support, adding that now the goal of the foundation board is to work aggressively at fundraising. “We want to thank you,” he told the council. “It’s up to all of us to support this project to put the building back to the way it was.” [Note: To read the full article, click here.]