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Budget adjustment bill signed for State Archives Building

[Source: Doug Kupel] — The Legislature passed and the Governor signed an FY2008 budget adjustment bill (HB2620) for the Arizona State Archives Building. This is good news because the bill limits the Archives Building funding cut to $2 million instead of the $3.5 million that had been proposed. In addition, the Library and Archives agency cut was limited to $233,000 instead of the proposed $270,500. The more moderate cut will allow the building to open on time this summer. If you’ve had contact with the Governor and/or individual legislators regarding the building please send them a short thank-you note.

Suggested language

Dear Elected Official:
I was pleased to learn that the FY2008 budget adjustment bill (HB2620) limited the funding cut for the Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History building to $2 million. While this is still a significant reduction, it will allow for a measured and logical move into the new building so it can open on time this summer. Thank you very much for supporting this more moderate budget cut for
the building. A larger cut would have been a serious setback.

It has been a difficult birth for the new State Archives building. As with any newborn, responsibility does not stop with delivery. The new building will need proper care and maintenance for years to come. Your continued support will be needed in the future: for equipment, for staffing, and to restore items eliminated in the FY08 budget such as shelves. I appreciate your support of this compromise solution and look forward to the day when Arizona can dedicate the building to many years of productive use.

Your Name