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unnamed-3The historic buildings at the Arizona State Fairgrounds need your help. Maintenance and renovation are needed, but in order to do that properly, complete sets of measured drawings are needed, as the originals have been lost. Some of the buildings were constructed under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the New Deal program. Local materials were combined with cutting edge technology. Several of the buildings have adobe walls with Lamella truss roofs, the same structural system used on the Wellington bomber in WW2. Measured drawings were traditionally created by hand using lots of ladders. They followed standards set by the Historic American Building Survey, another New Deal program. Today, such an undertaking on these buildings would take months. Using modern technology of lasers, we will be laser scanning the buildings in under one week. Drones will be used to capture the details out of sight. For example, the roof of the Grandstand has an arrow painted on it. That arrow originally was used to help point pilots in the direction of the Phoenix airport. We want to capture and preserve this aspect of our Region’s history. Contribute today via the “Contribute” box to the right or mail a check to Arizona Preservation Foundation, Fairgrounds Project, P.O. Box 13492, Phoenix, AZ 85002. Thank you.


framedworkThrough a series of small paintings, artist Patricia Sahertian takes us on a revealing journey into Arizona’s past inspired by little truths she discovered along the way. Doing extensive research to capture the authentic nature of her subjects, she presents the significance of eight of Arizona’s most historic landmarks with dramatic impact.

To allow these structures to reveal their stories, Sahertian pairs a representative portrait along with every site, introducing the viewer to the essence of each location. These miniature diptychs are based on photographs, painted with acrylic medium, and measure 2.5 x 4 inches each. View them online.

Phoenix high school student creates deck of playing cards featuring local historic landmarks

12128932-explore-phoenix-historic-landmarks-playing-cards-sample-cards-and-boxAlexandra Dee Melikian, a junior at Phoenix Country Day School, has created a deck of playing cards featuring historic landmarks in her hometown and Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix. Each playing card and the two Joker cards feature an original color photograph of one of 54 historic landmarks in the city of Phoenix. The cards also feature the building’s name, address, and date of construction.

The playing cards are available online at Amazon.com, Phoenix Art Museum, Hotel San Carlos, and more sales outlets to be announced. The retail price is $10 with five percent of the proceeds donated to the Arizona Preservation Foundation. To read the full press release, click here. To visit the “Explore Phoenix Historic Landmarks Playing Cards” website, click here.